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Photo & Video

A picture is worth a thousand words. It can broaden our horizons and move us, enabling us to do something which previously may have been inconceivable!




We will gladly work with your photos. Alternatively our photographers can take the pictures. Let us know your wishes and ideas regarding the style, location etc.




After the photo session you may decide if you prefer only to use photographs, or whether you would like to use additional marketing instruments. We can also create a story (with or without music) – A PHOTO CLIP WHICH TELLS YOUR STORY.




Photo clip - Hotel Demeures d'Orient - Marrakech

The Effect of Music

Music is a mystery – it is neither visible nor scented. But it touches us, opens our hearts and has the ability to change everything!


Music as a universal language probably plays with our emotions more than any other form of communication, and can underline your message and philosophy. 

A clip of the Hotel Demeures d'Orient with "jazzy" music.

We can suggest a composer to create music specifically for you, or help you find an existing piece of music. If you have your own ideas, then please let us know.


Please compare! A clip without music


We offer:

Photo clips

- from photos previously taken

- from photos taken by our photographers


The price of the photographs depends on the amount of work involved for the photographer.

20 seconds film : from 550 Euro

30 seconds film : from 650 Euro

45 seconds film : from 800 Euro

1 minute film : from 950 Euro

Over a minute: on demand


The cost of music is additional.

Note: rights to a piece of music must be purchased. 

Exceptions: The composer has been dead for over 70 years and the recording is at least 50 years old.

A photo clip with music

Why do I need a clip?

The fierce competition of today obliges you to present yourself in the best and most efficient way.

Upload your video platforms (youtube, vimeo...) and reach out to a greater clientele! e.g.  http://demeuresdorient.com/riad.php (this clip can be found on vimeo.com and is also part of a website.)


Within moments you present the content and advantages of your offer to your potential customer.

Photo clip

  • A virtual stroll enables a potential customer to visualize your location, situation or offer more clearly. Accompanying music can help to underline the desired atmosphere. Your logo, inserted texts or spoken words are additional options which can help clarify and professionalize your clip.


  • High resolution photos make it possible to create an affordable photo clip that comes surprisingly close to, or even surpasses, that of professional video clips. See for yourself! Above a photo clip (from high resolution photos) and opposite a video clip (from film material).

Video clip

Youtube, Vimeo & Co

  • Place your photo clip (or we can do it for you) onto your website, youtube or Vimeo.
  • In order to send the appropriate link to your friends or fans on facebook or twitter, the clip needs to be on at least one of the previously mentioned video platfoms.
  • In addition you have the option of publishing the clip on Google-Places, Xing, Linked-in or other platforms.


 Your requests and inquiries will be answered immediately at info@phoxsmile.com 


Further examples can be viewed from the fields of “Hotel“, “Garden“ and “Landscape“.

On demand we will send you the necessary link.



Andreas C. Fischer

Waffenplatzstr. 71

8002 Zürich


Tel. +41 79 261 13 46 



Since my childhood music and nature have taken me under their spell and have greatly influenced and shaped my career.

Over many years both of my professions as gardener (www.terzanatura.com) and musician developed independently.

The development of technology within various fields (from video platforms, excellent software, to high resolution cameras) have opened up a further, unique profession to me, which combines both of my occupations and fields of expertise in a fascinating way.

I also have the good fortune of working together with excellent photographers and film makers.

Dennis Yulov www.dennisyulov.com

Elijah Castson http://cargocollective.com/castson/filter/Film/

Enjoy viewing the clips!

Your Andreas C. Fischer

Once I had a fox... my "Opus One" and the inspiration for the name of the company. Enjoy!


Responsible for the content:


Andreas C. Fischer

Waffenplatzstr. 71

8002 Zurich



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AlterEgoWebDesign, Andreas C. Fischer



Photos from the Hotel Demeures d'Orient: Dennis Yulov and Elijah Castson



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